Loknete Shri Dadapatil Pharate College of Pharmacy

Pharate Patil Group of Institute

NSS Cell

NSS Program Officer

Prof. Avinash V. Dhoble

Dear NSS Students,
” I have been fortunate to associate myself with the Pharate Patil Group of Institutes as NSS Programme officer from the early days of its incubation. We have envisaged Pharate Patil Group of Institutes to steadily grow into a multi-disciplinary institute. NSS is a voluntary association of young students in colleges which provides services to society without bias. It aims to inculcate social welfare in students, and through the community services, it really helps in building their personality. It is a student-cantered program in which projects are implemented by the NSS volunteers in the community in close collaboration with the community and thereby it provides vast scope for the student’s interaction with the people.
NSS volunteer works for providing help in natural and man-made disasters by supplying food, clothing and first aid to the disaster victims, arranges blood donation camps to fulfill shortage of blood requirement in hospitals, tree plantation to protect environment and save mother earth, cleanliness moments for hygiene and healthy life, road safety awareness campaigns to reduce road accidents, street plays and awareness campaigns for save a girl child and educate her.
During NSS Special Camps, a volunteer learn from people in villages how to lead a good life despite a scarcity of resources, develops a sense of social responsibility & gets the practical lessons of value education.
With the experiences from NSS, I am sure that all volunteers will learns how to lead a life of dignity with positive mind set and contributes to the growth of nation by some or other way.”


The Main Objectives of National Service Scheme Are:

  • Understand the community in which they work
  • Understand themselves in relation to their community
  • Identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem-solving
  • Develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility
  • Utilise their knowledge in finding practical solutions to individual and community problems
  • Develop competence required for group-living and sharing of responsibilities
  • Gain skills in mobilising community participation
  • Acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitudes
  • Develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters and
  • Practise national integration and social harmony

The Main Objectives of National Service Scheme Are:

  • NSS Camp
  • Tree Plantation
  • Blood Donation Camp
  • Disease awareness campaigns
  • Personality Development
  • Soft Skill Development

Events On:

  • Linguistic harmony
  • Cultural Harmony
  • Regional Harmony
  • Linguistic Harmony
  • Communal Harmony
  • Socioeconomical Harmony
  • Some other Diversities
  • Disaster Management